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200 Best Good Night Messages For Her And Him Long Distance

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Best Good Night Messages For Her And Him Long Distance

Good night messages for lovers are the most romantic way to wish your lover a good night. Here we have a collection of amazing good-night messages that you can send to your beloved one who is far away from you.

Good night messages are the best way to send your loved ones a sweet message before they go to bed. The good night message can be sent to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. It is a common practice that when someone is far away from their loved ones, they send them a sweet good night message to wish them a sweet dream and hope they will meet in their dreams. 

Sending sweet good night wishes for him/her will surely help you stay connected even after a long-distance relationship. So check out the best good night messages for her and him below and share them with your lover now!

Best Good Night Messages For Her And Him Long Distance

  1. I hope you had a nice day today, dear! Now that the day is over, get ready to enter the world of sweet dreams, because I want you to start off your tomorrow with an amazing morning! Goodnight my love!
  2.  As long as there are stars shining in the sky and flowers blooming on earth, my love for you will never end! Have sweet dreams tonight, baby!
  3. There is nothing better than spending a peaceful night with someone special like you! Have a great time sleeping and sweet dreams until we meet again tomorrow! Goodnight, my dearie!
  4.  It’s time for me to say goodnight so that. Good night, my love.
  5. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams. Good night to my love that lives far away from me.
  6. I wish you a good night, my love. I feel so alone without you here with me but I know one day we will be together again.
  7. You are always in my heart no matter where you are or what time it is. Good night my love, and sweet dreams!
  8. Goodnight, my love! I want to let you know that I am here waiting for you. You are the only one who can comfort me in these hard times. I want you to know that I love you so much and will never leave your side no matter how hard things get. Goodnight my love!
  9. I just wanted to say goodnight and let you know that I love you with all my heart and soul. You mean so much to me and without you in my life, it would not be worth living anymore. Goodnight my dear!
  10. Good night my love, may God bless you with sweet dreams and keep you safe throughout the night. When tomorrow comes, we will be together again and our hearts will beat as one once more. Good night dear!
  11. Good night my love, I hope you have sweet dreams of me I can’t wait to see you again. Good night dear.
  12. I wish I was there to hold you tight and kiss you goodnight. The moon is bright tonight, but not as bright as your smile. Sweet dreams!
  13. Good night my love! I hope you enjoyed our date today, it was very special to me. I can’t wait to spend more time with you tomorrow night so we can enjoy each other’s company even more! Sweet dreams!


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50+ Good morning, I Miss You Messages, Wishes, and Quotes

  1. Goodnight, my love; goodnight, my everything. I wish you the best in your dreams and hope they will be filled with me.
  2. Goodnight, my precious one. May you sleep well and wake up happy and refreshed.
  3. You are the love of my life, and I want nothing more than to be with you forever. But for now, I will settle for a good night. Have sweet dreams!
  4. I know that tonight, as every night before it, I will dream about you and how much I love you. Goodnight my angel!
  5. I love you so much that I cannot even imagine my life without you. I am missing you so much now because we are far away from each other. So, this message is just a small way to let you know how much I love and miss you! Good night my dear!
  6. Good Night! As you lay your head down on the pillow, I hope that all of your worries and cares go out of the window. I hope that you have the best sleep ever and that tomorrow brings new beginnings for us both! Goodnight Sweetheart!
  7. I love you and miss you so much when you are far away. You are the man of my dreams, the one who holds my heart in the palm of his hands and sets it on fire with his love.
  8. My dear husband, I hope you have a nice sleep full of beautiful dreams and the sweetest thoughts about me.
  9. I hope your dreams will bring you closer to me because we will be together soon.
  10. Do you have a special someone who lives far away? If yes, you can use these messages to wish them good night. Here are some good night messages for him or her that you can send to your dear one:
  11. Good night my love. I miss you so much and can’t wait until we are together again. Sweet dreams!
  12. I am so lucky to have you by my side. You are always there when I need you the most, and I love you for that. Good night! See you in my dreams.
  13. Goodnight baby… I hope my dreams will come true tonight as I dream about us together forever and ever… Goodnight, sweetie!
  14. Goodnight, my love. My love, I think of you as soon as I wake up and before falling asleep again. You are always in my thoughts.
  15. You are the one that makes me smile, brings me joy, and completes me. I will love you forever! Good night my love!
  16. Good night my love. Sweet dreams for you and me. Have a pleasant sleep.
  17. I have been waiting for this moment all day long so that I can say good night to you and wish you a sweet dream. I hope you will have the sweetest dreams tonight, filled with happiness and fun. Good night, my love! I love you!
  18. The clock is ticking; the minutes are passing by and it’s time to go to bed and rest our bodies after a long day at work or school. But before we go to bed and fall asleep peacefully, we should send good night messages to our beloved ones who are far away from us. We should let them know that we think about them even though they are not around us physically but in our hearts always.
  19. Good night messages for my love far away, I wish you a sweet good night and hope that you sleep well. I think of you every night before I go to bed, but tonight I thought of you even more.
  20. I am sending you this message to let you know how much I miss you and how much I love you. Good night and sweet dreams!
  21. Good night, my love! I hope that your day was as good as mine was today! Now it is time to rest so tomorrow we can face another day together. Sweet dreams.
  22. I wish that the distance between us would disappear because I miss you so much. Good night, my love! It is time for me to go to bed because tomorrow will be another beautiful day with no problems at all. Sweet dreams!
  23. I hope the moon shines bright and you get to see all the stars in the sky. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams my love.
  24. Goodnight, my love. I hope that your sleep is as sweet as you are. Sweet dreams! Sending you my warm wishes for a wonderful night, my love! Sleep tight!
  25. I hope that you’re having pleasant dreams about me and tomorrow we can continue what we started today. Goodnight, baby!
  26. I wish you a good night, good rest, and sweet dreams. Even though we are far away from each other, we are always close to each other in our hearts.
  27. The night breeze blows through my hair as I think of you… and all I want to do is be with you.
  28. I hope that tonight when you lay down to sleep, the dreams come to you so vivid and so clear that tomorrow you will be able to see yourself living them out with me. Goodnight my love!
  29. I just wanted to wish you a good night, sweetheart I hope that your day was as special and beautiful as you are. Good night, sweetheart!
  30. I love you so much and miss you so much. I hope that our paths will cross again soon!
  31. I know that it might be hard for us to be together right now but I also know that it will all be worth it when we are reunited!
  32. Every night I fall asleep dreaming about you, and every morning I wake up thinking about you. Goodnight, sweetheart!
  33. At this moment, I am looking at the moonlight shining on your face, missing you so much and wishing you were here with me tonight. Goodnight my love!
  34. You are the best part of my day and the only thing that makes me smile when I’m sad. Goodnight dear, I hope you have a wonderful dream tonight!
  35. It is always hard for me to say goodnight because it means being away from you even if it’s just for one night; but knowing that tomorrow we’ll be together again makes it easier to fall asleep every time! Good night my love!
  36.  I’m sending you warm wishes for a beautiful night filled with sweet dreams of us together and all these memories that make our hearts beat faster whenever we think about them.. Good night babe!
  37. Good night messages to my love far away. I hope you had a good day and that you are sleeping well. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, but until then, sweet dreams!
  38. Good night my love. I hope that you sleep well and have sweet dreams.
  39. I wish that you were here with me tonight so we could cuddle and watch TV together. But since you aren’t here I just want to tell you how much I love and miss you. Good night!
  40. I know that we’re far apart, but I want to let you know that even though we are separated by distance, we are never separated by thought or love. Goodnight my dear!
  41. I’ve been thinking about you all day, and I can’t wait to see you again. Sweet dreams, my love.
  42. I know that I’m not there with you, but I’ll always be in your heart. Good night my love.
  43. Good night message for my love far away, who is not with me tonight. I miss him so much that I can’t sleep without saying goodnight to him.
  44. My love for you is getting stronger every day even though we are apart from each other. You are the most important person in my life, and I hope you know that nothing will ever change that. Good night baby!
  45. I miss you so much and it hurts me deeply when I think about how far away from me you are right now… But please don’t worry because everything is going to be alright soon!
  46. Hi sweetheart, Good night my love far away. I hope that you are having a wonderful and relaxing night. I hope that you have a great sleep, and all your dreams will be good ones. I miss you so much and can’t wait for when we can be together again.
  47. I love you so much my dear, and I wish you the best night ever! Have a good night my love far away, I hope that you get some rest before tomorrow comes. Have sweet dreams tonight!
  48. I wish I could be there to hold you tight, so that you can sleep peacefully tonight. I miss you so much. Good night, my love!
  49. I don’t want to miss a chance to wish you a good night and tell you how much I miss you. Can’t wait to see you again soon.
  50. I know our distance is making us feel lonely, but we have to stay strong and keep our relationship strong. We will get through this together. Goodnight, my love!
  51. My day may end with a smile but it starts with your kiss in the morning. Good night and sweet dreams my love!
  52. I pray that angels will protect you while you are sleeping tonight, because I miss you so much and I don’t want anything bad happening to you while we are apart. Good night!
  53. My love, I can’t sleep because you are not here with me. I miss you so much and I wish you were here with me. I love you so much and I wish I could be in your arms tonight. Good Night!
  54. I am missing you so much right now, but don’t worry: tomorrow we will meet again – it is only a matter of hours before we see each other again… Good night, sweetheart!
  55. I hope you are having a nice sleep and that you will have a sweet dream. Good night my love, I miss you so much!
  56. I know how hard it is to be away from the one you love but know that there is someone who misses you more than I can explain in words. Goodnight my love!
  57.  Whenever I think about our future, I feel like everything will be alright because we are together. I just wish that we could be together all night long so that we would be able to feel each other’s breath on our faces, but I guess this is the best alternative for now. Goodnight my love!
  58. I want to be with you every day and every night until the end of time because it is only then when I will truly be happy in life. Goodnight my love!
  59. I wish that we could be together all the time and never have to part ways ever again because being apart from you makes me feel sad and lonely inside… Goodnight my love!
  60. Good night, my love. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I hope this message finds you well and happy. Sweet dreams, my love.
  61. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and spend another day together. Goodnight my dear, sweetiepie!
  62.  Good night, my love! May the angels protect you during your sleep and may you dream about how much I love you!
  63. I just wanted to say goodnight to the most beautiful person in the world – YOU!
  64. Good night, darling! May God bless us with a wonderful rest.
  65. I just want you to know that I can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can see you again.
  66. You have my heart, my love and my soul. I hope you know that. Goodnight, handsome.
  67. I hope that every night when you go to sleep, you dream about me as much as I dream about you. Goodnight, handsome!
  68. When the day is done and it’s time to rest, all I want is spend those quiet hours with you by my side. Goodnight, handsome!
  69. I don’t care how far away we are right now because all that matters is that we’re together in spirit tonight. Goodnight, handsome!
  70. Goodnight isn’t just a greeting anymore; it stands for “I want to fall asleep now but I’ll miss your face if I do”.
  71. Good night, my love. Sleep well, dream big.”
  72.  I’ve spent the day thinking of you and it was marvelous! Good night, sweetheart.”
  73.  May you sleep like a baby tonight and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. I hope that your dreams are filled with joy and happiness!” Goodnight beautiful, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning.”
  74. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up, and the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep. Goodnight, love of my life.”
  75. Dreams are made for those who sleep so may you dream about me all through this night as we both feel each other in our dreams.”
  76. Good night my love. I hope that you had a great day and that you are ready for another one tomorrow. I miss you so much. Good night and sweet dreams.
  77. I am sending this message to tell you that I am thinking about you and that all I want is to be with you, next to your side. Good night my love!
  78. My life is not the same without you, my dear. You are my light in this dark world, without you everything is so dark. I need your love to survive each day and I need your hugs to live happily ever after. Goodnight baby!
  79. I wish there were two of me, so that I could be with you every moment of every day but since there is only one of me, I will just have to miss you as much as possible until we see each other again tomorrow morning, because even though we are far away from each other now, our hearts are still close together, wishing each other good night from wherever we are!
  80. My love, I know it is difficult for you to sleep without me. But as long as you are in my heart I will always be with you. Good night!
  81. I can’t wait for the day when we will be together again. Until then, close your eyes and dream of me because wherever you go, my heart is always with you. Good night!
  82. I know the distance between us can be hard sometimes but I want you to know that no matter how far away you are…I’m always thinking about you. I love you!
  83. I wish that I could be there with you tonight. It’s hard being apart from someone so special like yourself but all we have to do is hold on tight and never let go because we’re meant for each other and nothing can keep us apart forever…Goodnight !
  84. A good night message to my love far away can make her feel special. The best thing about a good night message is that you can send it anytime and anywhere. If you want to know how to make your girlfriend feel special, then read this article.
  85. If you have a girlfriend who lives far away, then it is very important for you to make her feel special by sending a good night message. It will help you keep the fire burning in your relationship and keep her happy. So, if you want to learn how to send a good night message, then read this article carefully.
  86. You can use these messages as a template for your own creations or use them exactly as they are written:
  87. I hope our dreams take us to the same place tonight. I hope we get to hold each other again soon.”
  88. Even when we’re apart, I know that my heart will always be near yours. May angels guard your way while stars light your dreams! I’m sending you my warmest good night wishes, as I hope you are having a great sleep. May your dreams be filled with lots of love, joy and happiness. Good night!
  89. My day would not be complete without wishing you good night and sweet dreams. I hope you are having a wonderful time while sleeping in your bed. Good night!
  90. I am sending you this message to let you know that I am missing you so much right now. Please come back soon so that we can spend another wonderful day together. Good night!
  91. “Goodnight, my love; I hope that in your dreams you can see how much I miss you. Goodnight, my love; I hope that in your dreams, you can feel the love I have for you. Goodnight, my love; I hope that in your dreams, you can feel me hold you tight and never let go.”
  92. I know it’s late and our day has ended but I wanted to tell you how much I love you. You’re always on my mind, even when we’re apart…goodnight.”
  93. I can’t wait to see your face tomorrow morning when I wake up next to you in bed!”
  94. I  thought about you all day today, so much so that I forgot how beautiful the sunset was tonight!”
  95. I wish we could cuddle up under a warm blanket tonight…but since we can’t be together, let me give you a warm hug from here!”

Short Good Night Text Messages For Her Long Distance

  1. No matter how far away you are, I’ll never forget about you. Dreamy dreams!
  2. While our physical selves may separate, our love keeps us united. Gorgeous dreams!
  3. I realize I’m going to seem repetitive, but. I adore you. I want to keep you forever. Good night, sweetheart.
  4. You are constantly on my mind and in my dreams despite not being present.
  5. I need to tell you how much I miss you before I can go to sleep. Goodnight, little one.
  6. I really miss you. Above all else, I adore you. Good night, sweetheart; sleep soundly.
  7. Goodnight, my darling, for though you are not here with me right now, I will always carry you in my heart.
  8. Count on me to love you forever,” the proverb goes. “Count the stars, count the sheep, count your blessings.
  9. I’d travel a million miles tonight just to sleep in your arms!
  10. Sleep well, my angel. To the moon and back, I love you.
  11. I’ll eventually wake up close to you and hopefully fall asleep next to you.
  12. Our love is eternal, but the night is not. Good night, my love.
  13. Tomorrow is a fresh start, a brand-new starting. Good night, my love.
  14. Good night, and I hope you have nice dreams. You’re in my space already!
  15. May the moon show you how much you mean to me, and may the stars bring you nearer to my love.
  16. True love is never inseparable, even if we are apart. I’m excited to see you because I love you.
  17. Dreaming about me is the only way you can be certain of having a beautiful dream. Sleep soundly.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Long Distance Relationships

  1. Are you aware of how challenging it is to fall asleep without being held?” Do you share my feelings? We will one day gaze upon the moon in unison.
  2. There isn’t a phrase in the English language that adequately conveys how much I adore and care for you. More than my best friend and real love, you are who I am. You can never stop being loved by me; it’s impossible. You give me the oxygen I need to survive. No matter what occurs, please know that I am always here for you. Nothing or anybody else can ever be able to sever our love.
  3. There is no distance too great for our love to cross as long as you are in my heart and I am in yours.
  4. I can’t, so I’m envious of the moon that makes you fall asleep. I can’t, so I’m envious of the sun’s awakening kisses on you. I look forward to seeing you soon.
  5. Your drowsy eyes are the prettiest things in the entire universe. I wish I could be there to rock you to sleep on my lap as I sing lullabies. Love, good night.
  6. I wish I could embrace you. I wish I could kiss you. I look forward to holding you tonight, and I ask that the day never end when all I want comes true. Please know that I am thinking of you while you sleep tonight.
  7. Have a good night. It’s much simpler to close your eyes and drift off to sleep when you know the person you’re in love with is in bed. I find comfort and peace in remembering how much I adore you. Happy dreams! I cherish you.
  8. I would cuddle with you all night long and go to sleep after gazing at the moon tonight if wishes could come true every night. Goodnight.
  9. The distance is challenging and amazing as long as we value, cherish, and respect one another. Even a thousand miles cannot stop our love because we are unstoppable. Although it may be challenging, it will all be worthwhile in the end since we will have a lifetime to fulfill our commitment. Much love to you from me, darling; I miss you so much.
  10. I’m eager to get some shut-eye so I can dream about you. Tonight, I need only you—your kisses and cuddles. The only thing that could make me feel comfortable is you, so I can’t wait to sleep close to you again. Goodnight, infant.
  11. The night seems to be ending, but my love for you, my love, will never end. Happy night.
  12. The sun, moon, and stars all seem little compared to your bright beauty. To the angel who shines brighter than the brightest star, good night and lovely dreams.
  13. Darkness has replaced the sun, which has gone inside to sleep. Let the earth lull you to sleep with its soothing melody. Kisses.
  14. Throughout the night, I’ve been living in a kingdom in which you govern, and I am your devoted and submissive servant. My queen, good night and happy dreams.

Sweet Good Night Wishes From Him Long Distance

  1. I’m in no position to wait any longer for when we shall spend the rest of our lives together. I want you to know that I am prepared for everything. We only have a few more nights together before we can be together forever, and this is one of them. You have my undying love.
  2. Sleep well, my love. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. As I think of you tonight, I hope you are warm and snug. Good luck tonight and dream sweetly. I adore you.
  3. As you go to sleep tonight, I want you to know that you are my best friend, my lover, and the person I care about most in this world. Being apart from you sometimes seems difficult since I can’t envision a day without you. I’d prefer never to allow myself to think about it since just thinking about it makes me depressed.
  4. Every time I see you, my feelings for you grow. It’s difficult for me to go asleep without first gazing at your lovely face. You give me a royal feeling. My queen, you are! You have my utmost love.
  5. I pray every day that I will open the door to your face,” he said. “I can’t even express how much you mean to me.
  6. I cherish you. Remember that always. The finest thing to ever happen to me was meeting you. Without you, I can’t imagine living. Good night, love, and may your night be full of pleasant dreams involving us.
  7. Baby, good night. Right now, I wish you were here with me. I’m counting the minutes until I get to hold you once more as I watch the clock. Baby, I will be in love with you forever. Have a good night’s sleep.
  8. I don’t cry because we haven’t seen one other in a few years and have been separated by distance. Why? Since we continue to share the same sky and breathe the same air, we remain a unit.
  9. Sweet dreams, honey. Simply put, I just want you to know how much I care. Every day I am so grateful to have you in my life. I miss you so much when we’re apart, but at night, I frequently dream about us being together.
  10. Who am I in love with, you ask? Go back and read the first word. Sleep well.
  11. I simply want to wish you a good night and express my love. I hope you have a wonderful time in your dreamland, and I look forward to seeing you soon.
  12. My lovely angel, I adore you. There are only a few more days till our next time together, which makes me miss you so much. You’re constantly on my mind and in my heart, baby. Have a good night’s sleep, and I’ll talk to you shortly.
  13. It’s so simple to be with you and impossible to be without you. Always think of you. Hope that these times are over. Ideally, we should be together. I adore you.
  14. You’re the reason I’m still here,’ I said. Every time I enter a room, I want to be the one to make you smile. In a manner that no one else has before, I want to be that guy that makes you feel special. In this crazy world, I adore you and would never, in a million years trade you for anything. Sweet dreams to you tonight.
  15. This wait is worth it to me because I know that we have great days ahead of us. We’ll be together soon. I’m eagerly awaiting your arrival, my love.
  16. This is far from being a good night message, my love. Since I need to hug and kiss you for my night to be good, I must be with you. But I’ll cut this short because you’re so far away from me. All I want to do at the end of a long day is get home to your gorgeous grin, your adorable giggle, and all the love you shower on me.
  17. It’s a passive method of thinking of you to dream of you. Join me and let’s share love in the dream world. Enjoy your evening, baby.

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