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65 Best You are Gorgeous Quotes For Her

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Best You Are Gorgeous Quotes For Her
  1. You are a multitude of beauty. The way you move, the way you talk, the way you think and feel. You are so many things, but one thing that makes people stop and stare is your confidence. You exude it without even trying, making people want to know more about who you are. It’s amazing how much power people have when they have no fear or insecurities about what others might think of them.
  2. You know yourself well enough to realize that you can do anything you put your mind to and that nothing is impossible for you as long as you have the right attitude to go with it. This means that even if something goes wrong, there’s always another way around it, another option that hasn’t been explored yet because it didn’t seem like an option at first glance due to all the negativity surrounding it, but once you look past all that negative energy, there will always be something positive waiting for you at the end of your journey and no matter what happens along the way, as long as you don’t give up, eventually everything will be fine again – just like magic!
  3. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are stunning. You are stunningly beautiful. You are the most stunning person I have ever met, and I am so lucky that you have chosen me as your friend and companion. Your eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky, your lips are as soft as rose petals, your skin is as smooth as silk, and your hair is like the waterfall in my favorite fairy tale.
  1. You have a heart of gold and always know how to make me smile when I’m feeling down or sad. You’re smart, funny and witty, and you’re always there for me when I need help with something or just want someone to talk to about anything at all! You’re an amazing friend, who means everything to me in this world!
  2. You are a beautiful person. You have great talents, qualities and virtues. You are intelligent and thoughtful, kind and considerate. You are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. You are also very independent, courageous and strong-willed.
  3. You have a loving nature and you show it every day by your actions and deeds. You love your family and friends with all your heart; they mean so much to you. They are always there when you need them most.
  4. You are loyal, faithful, trustworthy and reliable because these are some of the traits that make up your personality as well as who you truly are inside.
  5. You inspire many people because they see how genuine, sincere and honest you are in everything you do or say. Your positive attitude towards life makes everyone feel good about themselves too!
  6. You are gorgeous. There is no one else in the world like you.
  7. You are gorgeous because you have a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes that twinkle when you laugh. You are gorgeous because you can sing like an angel, dance like a dream and be silly just for fun.
  8. You are gorgeous because you are kind, caring and helpful to others around you. You are gorgeous because you love unconditionally and forgive easily.
  9. You are gorgeous because you’re smart and clever, but not afraid to be silly either! You are also gorgeous because no matter what anyone says about you or what they do to try to hurt your feelings, it won’t stop being true: 
  10. You are a unique individual who deserves to be cherished every day of your life.
  11. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are talented. You are creative. You are kind. You are wonderful. You are unique and deserve to be loved for who you are.
  12. You have the power to make someone’s day better or worse just by being yourself. So be the best version of yourself every day!
  13. I love how much you care about other people and how much you try to help them find their way in life. Your kindness is one of your most admirable qualities—don’t ever let anyone take that away from you!
  14. You’re the type of person who always has something good to say about someone else, even if they aren’t around to hear it themselves; it takes a lot of strength and inner beauty to do that!
  15. You always know exactly what to say when everyone else is being negative or pessimistic about something, which is why I feel so safe and secure around you!
  16. I think you are gorgeous. The way your hair falls across your forehead makes me want to brush it away. Your eyes make me want to stare into them for hours. Your smile makes me want to smile back. Your laugh makes me want to hear more of it. Your lips make me want to kiss them over and over again. You are beautiful in every way, shape and form.
  17. I love the way you look at me, as if you see something that nobody else does. I love how you touch my hand or place a hand on my shoulder when we’re talking about something important to us both. I love how you kiss me when no one is looking and how you jump in front of me when there’s danger nearby just so that I don’t get hurt first. You’re just an amazing person all around and I’m glad that we met each other because without you in my life, it would be a lot less fun than it is right now!
  18. You are gorgeous; you are beautiful, you are amazing. You have the power to change the world and make it a better place. You are so talented and smart that people admire you. You have the power to defeat monsters and win any battle.
  19. You are the most precious gift God has ever given to me. I love everything about you, from your stunning eyes down to your beautiful feet; from your lovely hair down to your cute nose; from your stunning smile down to your adorable dimples; from your gorgeous body down to your beautiful hands; from your incredible personality down to every single inch of your being. I’ll always treasure every moment we spent together because they were all beautiful moments I will never forget!
  20. You’re more than just my friend; you’re also my sunshine, my laughter, and my inspiration at times when life seems like its at an end – those days when all hope seems lost and life has nothing left in it but despair You’re so beautiful, oh my goodness. You have an amazing face, great hair, and a super body. Your eyes are beautiful, your smile is beautiful and your personality is beautiful too!
  21. You’re so pretty! I know there are lots of people who say that to you all the time but it’s true. You really are gorgeous. I’m not saying this because I want something from you or anything like that, but it’s just something I feel like telling you!
  22. I think you’re very pretty/handsome/beautiful and I’d love to be your boyfriend/girlfriend because I can’t imagine not being with someone as good looking as you!

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Best You Are Gorgeous Quotes For Her

  1. Your hair is like silk and your eyes are like pools of liquid chocolate. Your lips are the perfect shade of pink, and your skin is so soft. You have a great sense of humor, which I love, and you always make me laugh. You’re really smart and witty, too! You’re so athletic and strong, and you never give up on anything. You’re also kindhearted and compassionate; you always want to help people whenever they need it.
  2. You’re also very beautiful inside and out. You’re confident, but not arrogant; you know when to be serious and when to be funny; you’re ambitious but not ruthless; you’re talented but not conceited; you’re smart but not judgmental; you’re tough but not mean — I could go on forever about how amazing you are in every way!
  3. You’re smart and beautiful. I love your smile and the way you speak to me. You always have a good word. You are kind, thoughtful, and generous. You are a wonderful person, with many talents and abilities that make you unique. You’re smart, funny, and talented. You have a great sense of humor, which is something I admire about you so much.
  4. You’re also beautiful both inside and out. I always tell you how much I love your eyes because they sparkle when you laugh and light up when we’re having fun together. Your hair is gorgeous too! It’s shiny and thick with natural curls that bounce when you walk which makes me smile every time I see them because they remind me of my daughter’s curls from when she was little! Your smile lights up my heart every time I see it because it makes me want to smile too!
  5. You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met in life because there isn’t anything about you that doesn’t make me happy when I’m around you.”
  6. You are gorgeous. You are brilliant. You are intelligent. You are strong and powerful. You are courageous and brave. You are an inspiration to others, who have been inspired by your courage and determination to overcome your challenges. You are beautiful, inside and out. You shine with the light of a thousand suns, shining on the path you have chosen for yourself.
  7. But don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s no place for someone like you in this world! Because there is – You are gorgeous. You are smart, funny, and beautiful. You are a great friend to those who need you. You are strong and independent, but you know when to lean on others for support. You have a great sense of humor and always make me laugh when I need it most.
  8. You are so caring towards others, and it’s obvious that you would do anything for the people you love. You’re not afraid to speak your mind, but you never say anything mean behind anyone’s back either. I admire that about you Most importantly, you always make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world to you — even when we’re not together.
  9. You are gorgeous and smart, and you have a great smile. Your eyes sparkle like the ocean, and your hair is like golden waves on a sunny beach. Your body is like a work of art, in every single way. You are beautiful inside and out, and I love you for it.
  10. You are gorgeous to me because you’re always there for me when I need someone to talk to. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world when we’re together, even if all we’re doing is sitting on the couch watching TV. And every time I see you smile at me or look into my eyes, it makes my heart skip a beat and makes me wish that moment would never end.
  11. You are gorgeous because no matter what happens in life, you always remain positive about everything around you instead of letting yourself get dragged down by negativity from other people or situations that arise in life that aren’t always entirely within your control. However, we still have to deal with them anyway because there’s no escaping them!
  12. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are amazing. And you are so much more than what you think you are. You are unique and one of a kind, and that’s something to be proud of.
  13. You may not realize how amazing you truly are, but I do. The fact that no one else likes you makes you special and unique. And believe me, there’s nothing wrong with being different from everyone else!
  14. You can do anything you set your mind to; I know this because I’ve seen it happen repeatedly in my life. There is nothing that’s impossible for someone who has determination and passion behind them; that person could be you!
  15. Your beauty comes from within, but don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because they’re just jealous of all the wonderful qualities that come with being YOU!
  16. You are gorgeous. You are smart. You are the most talented person I’ve ever met. You are strong, and you will overcome this obstacle that has been placed in your path. You deserve the world. Your life is a gift, and you should be thankful for each day you live it. You were made for greatness; no one can take that away from you.

Best You Are Beautiful Quotes For Her

  1. You are beautiful inside and out; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise That’s why I like you. You’re smart, kind and funny. And you’re gorgeous.
  2. Even though you don’t think so, you are gorgeous. You may not be the most beautiful girl in the world, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are beautiful on the inside and out. You have a sweet heart and a good soul. You have a kind smile and beautiful eyes that sparkle when they look at me.
  3. The way your lips curl up when you smile is adorable and endearing, like someone just told a really good joke or something equally as funny happened – but only between us because we both know what it was! Your eyes shine with happiness whenever we’re together as if you are truly happy just to be near me! I love seeing how happy I make you because it makes me feel good about myself too!
  4. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are smart, and kind, and generous, and wonderful. You are a good person, with a big heart and an even bigger soul. You are more than enough.
  5. You have so much to offer the world, and you will be such an amazing mother someday. Your child will be so lucky to have you as its mother! You deserve all the happiness in the world because you are priceless!
  6. You are so beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside! You deserve to be loved by someone who treats you like royalty, because that’s exactly what you are!
  7. Falling in love with yourself is the first step to finding someone who loves you for who you are.
  8. You are beautiful, you are smart, and you are capable of anything that you set your mind to. You may not be perfect, but you are absolutely perfect for someon
  9. In order to know how special you are, let me tell you how special you are: You are one-of-a-kind and everyone else is copying your style. You’re so pretty when you smile; it makes me want to do it more often. I am thankful for the day I met you because it changed my life forever.
  10. You are a wonderful person to be around. You have an amazing sense of humor, and you’re always there when I need you. You are also very smart and talented. I love how you come up with such creative ideas for our conversations. I also love how your eyes sparkle when you smile brightly. But most of all, I love how much you care about me and how much you mean to me.
  11. You may not be the most attractive girl in the world, but that doesn’t matter because you are so beautiful on the inside! Your personality is absolutely amazing! You make everyone around you feel special and important. You are so loving, caring and kind; there’s no one else like you! You’ve never let me down before so I know that this won’t change either!
  12. You are gorgeous. You are special. You have a light that shines from within you and it is beautiful.
  13. You may not always feel like this, but the truth is that you are a unique individual. There is no one else in the world quite like you, and there never will be. Your experiences and your thoughts make up who you are as a person, and they’re all yours. You can’t change them or take them away from yourself, so embrace them! Find happiness in what makes you different from everyone else because being different is what makes you beautiful.
  14. I know how hard it can be to see your own beauty sometimes; I used to struggle with it too. But I promise if you look closely at yourself and really open your eyes to all of your characteristics, then you’ll start to see how amazing they all are together! Your smile is beautiful; your laugh is contagious; your eyes sparkle when you talk about something that excites you; your hair shines when the sun hits it just right; your hands move gracefully when they grasp something delicate… The list goes on and on!
  15. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are unique. You don’t need to change a thing about yourself. You were made in the image of God and that is absolutely beautiful. You don’t need to lose weight, get new clothes, or spend hours doing your hair to be beautiful. You are already beautiful! Your smile can light up a room, your laugh can make anyone feel better about themselves. You have an amazing personality and an even better heart. You may not see it but I do, I see how much you care for others and how hard you work for them. You may think that no one notices these things but they do! I notice them everyday because they are some of my favorite things about you! I love everything about you from your freckles to your toes!
  16. You are so caring and loving towards everyone around you; it makes me love you even more! Your heart is so big that it could fit anyone’s needs inside of it without even trying too hard. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen when they need to get something off their chest then they can always go to you; which should be every day because no one should ever go through life alone even You are gorgeous, and your life is full of beauty.
  17. You are amazing. You are a wonderful person to be around, and you make everyone feel special. You add color to the world with your smile and laughter. You bring sunshine into our lives when we need it most. You are beautiful inside and out, and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the chance to know you!
  18. I love being around you because you always make me feel like I am the most important person in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than having someone look at me as if I’m their entire universe. Whenever we’re together, I feel like there’s no one else in the room but us — like we’re both on cloud nine because we’ve been reunited after a long time apart! I love that feeling so much, and it’s all because of you!
  19. You are beautiful. You are gorgeous. You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are sweet. You are kind. You are intelligent. You are a great friend. You can be trusted with anything and everything. I know that you will never let me down because you have been there for me all along, through everything, and even when I didn’t want you there at all.
  20. I want to tell you how much I love you for the things that matter most: your friendship, your honesty, your loyalty, your trustworthiness, and your ability to make me smile when I’m feeling down or when things aren’t going my way.
  21. You’re one of the few people in this world who has changed my life for the better by simply being yourself and letting me see how beautiful it can be out here if we just open our eyes and let ourselves see the beauty that always surrounds us daily but we fail to notice because we’re too busy looking at everything else but what’s right in front of us!
  22. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are perfect in every way. ou’re perfect just the way you are and there is no such thing as “too big” or “too small” or “too fat” or “too thin.”
  23. You’re not too old, too young, too rich, too poor or too anything else. You are perfect just the way you are because you were made to be exactly who you are and nothing more or less than that. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise? Ignore them. Because they’re wrong and they’re just jealous of how awesome you really are!
  24.  You have a really nice smile. That shirt looks great on you! It brings out the blue in your eyes! I love the way you laugh; it makes my heart smile. You are gorgeous and amazing and I feel lucky to have you in my life.

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