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100+ I Still Love You Messages and Quotes

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I Still Love You Messages and Quotes

I Still Love You Messages and Quotes for her and him are the best way to express your feelings to your girlfriend. Finding the right words to communicate your feelings is not easy, but it is worth making an effort as it can be one of the most beautiful moments of your relationship.

I Still Love You Messages and Quotes

The best way to express your love is to say it in words. You can write a love letter, or send a romantic text message. Here are some of the most romantic love messages you can send to your boyfriend.

  1. You have made me realize what love is. Before you, I was just a stranger who was lost in this world. But now that you are here, I feel like I’m home. You are the one who taught me to love and trust again. You are the one who helped me believe in myself again after all those dark days. There is no way that I can ever repay you for all the things that you have done for me.
  2. You are my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate. We’ve been through so much together and we still have a long journey ahead of us. But as long as we are together, there will be nothing in this world that we cannot overcome together.
  3. I want to spend the rest of my life with you because being with you makes me happy beyond words!
  4. I am still in love with you, even after all these years we’ve been together. I never thought that our relationship would last this long and grow into something beautiful.
  5.  Your presence in my life has given me a reason to smile daily and laugh out loud when I’m feeling down. I can’t imagine life without you by my side, so please stay with me forever!
  6. I know that we have our ups and downs but there’s no doubt about my feelings for you because I am still in love with you and always will be!
  7. I am still in love with you and I will always be.
  8. I’m still in love with you. You never left my heart and I don’t think you ever will.
  9. I know that we have been apart for a while, but I just want you to know that I am still in love with you.
  10. I hope we can get back together again soon because I miss all the things we used to do together and I miss the way you made me feel when we were together.
  11. My love for you is more than a feeling. I am still in love with you, and I hope that it will last forever.
  12. I still long to hold your hand, and there will be nothing in the world that can take away this feeling.
  13. I want to tell you that I am still in love with you even though it has been years since we were together.
  14. I still dream about you. I still think about you. I still feel the same way as I did when we first met. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If there is one thing that I know for sure, it’s that I love you.
  15. I guess what they say is true; everything happens for a reason. And even though it may seem like our love was not meant to be, it’s there and it will never go away.
  16. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think my heart has been stolen by you!
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  18. Love is a beautiful feeling and it can be expressed in many ways. Still, in love with you, messages are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you love them and how much they mean to you.
  19. I will always be here for you, no matter what. I can’t imagine my life without you!
  20. I am still in love with you because there is no one like you in this world. You are my world and my everything!
  21. When the two of you are together, it is so easy to forget that the world outside exists. You want to be with each other all the time and share every little moment of your life together. And then there are those times when you really miss each other and all you want is for that person to be with you.
  22. I miss you so much! All I want is for us to be together again I think about you all day long and I wonder what things will be like when we’re together again.
  23. I have been thinking about our past relationship and I realized that there were a lot of good times we shared together but also a lot of bad ones too. But even though it didn’t work out between us in the end, I still feel like our relationship was special because we shared so many things together.
  24. I love you so much, I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s just that I’m afraid of losing you.
  25. I love you more than anyone could ever imagine. You mean so much to me, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
  26. You are my best friend, my soul mate, and the one person who makes me feel complete. I can’t wait to spend forever with you!
  27. I love spending every single day with you because it makes me feel like we’re sharing a piece of heaven together.
  28. If there is one thing in this world that gives me hope for mankind, it’s our love for each other. No matter what happens during the day, we always have each other when it’s time to go home at night!
  29. You are an amazing woman who has made my dreams come true over and over again; thank you for being by my side as we embark on this adventure together!
  30. I love you because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and every day with you is a dream come true.
  31. Even if we don’t talk for days, even if we don’t see each other for weeks, your love will always be with me. I love you.
  32.  My heart belongs to someone who is kind and loving, who makes my days brighter and makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive. I love you so much!
  33.  Every time I think of you, my heart skips a beat and butterflies flutter in my stomach. You are everything that I’ve ever wanted in life; you make me smile every day and fill my heart with happiness. I love you more than words can say!
  34. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my lover – all rolled into one amazing person who completes me perfectly! I love how we are so different yet somehow still so compatible; thank God for bringing us together!
  35. You’re the one person on this earth that makes me want to wake up every morning – just so I can spend another day with you by my side!
  36. I still can’t believe that we are separating. It feels like a dream. I miss you so much, my dear.
  37. The fact that we are not together anymore doesn’t mean that I have stopped loving you. I will always love you and will never forget the time we spent together!
  38. Even though it hurts to be apart from you, I know that it is the right thing to do because our feelings are different now and we need some time alone to think about our lives.
  39. I am still in love with you. I may not be perfect, but I promise to love you for the rest of my life.


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I Still Love You Messages and Quotes

  1. I know it’s hard to believe when someone says “I love you” because we are so used to hearing those words from people who don’t mean them. But I want you to know that even though it has been a long time since we’ve seen each other, I have never forgotten about you or stopped thinking about you.
  2. I am still so in love with you and will always be. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and no matter how hard things get, I will always stand by your side and fight through them together with you by my side.
  3. Today marks another day in which we have been apart from each other, but please know that even though we are not together physically right now, my heart is always with you! You are the only one who can make me feel so happy just by thinking about us being together again someday soon and knowing that once again our hearts will beat as one!
  4. I am still in love with you, and I will always be I’m sorry that I hurt you, but I could never regret loving you.
  5. What we had was special, and no matter what happens between us now, we’ll always have that.
  6. I miss our friendship, but I can’t go back to how things were before. I know this isn’t easy for either of us, but I hope that someday we can find peace within ourselves and each other.
  7. I still love you, and I know that it’s a little too late, but I can’t help it. I love you so much that I don’t even care what people would say about us because all I want to do is be with you.
  8. I know that we have had some problems in the past, but it doesn’t mean that we will have them in the future. All I want is for things to be normal between us again, but if they aren’t, then at least let me know how you feel about me.
  9. I feel like we are meant to be together, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be together. We need each other, and we trust each other enough to know that things will work out in the end.
  10. I hope you will never change. I hope that you will stay the same person that you are right now. I know that you have a lot of people around you who love and respect you, but in my heart, there is only one place for you.
  11. I never thought that I could love someone so much as I love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I will always be grateful for this time we spent together.
  12. If life was a movie, then our story would be one of the greatest ones ever told. If it was a book, then it would be full of adventure and excitement; and if it was music, then it would be the kind of song everybody wants to hear again and again!
  13. There are many things that make us happy in this world: family, friends, money and even fame! But I think the most important thing is to find someone who makes us smile every day; someone who makes us feel special no matter what happens; someone who makes our life worth living!
  14. Love is like a tree; it grows and grows with many branches and leaves. But the roots are the most important part because they hold everything together. Even when love seems to be over, it will come back again to make us feel happy once more.
  15. I am still in love with you, no matter what happens in between us. I will always be there for you if you need me. There is nothing that can change my feelings for you, no matter how hard I try to let go of them!
  16. The only thing that I know for sure is that you were the one that I loved. I still love you now, and I will always love you.
  17. You are my best friend, my partner in crime and my favorite person to spend time with. I am so glad that we met, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side.
  18. You were the first person who made me feel like a whole person again when my life was falling apart. You have helped me through so much more than just getting over a breakup, but also with every aspect of your life.
  19. We have been through so much together, both good and bad times. We have been together through thick and thin, and no matter what comes our way next, we will always find a way to make it through together because we are stronger than anything else in this world could ever be!
  20. You are the reason why I wake up every morning. You are the air that I breathe. You are the light that guides me through my darkest hours. You are the love of my life, and I want you to know that you’re loved every day.
  21. I may not be able to tell you how much you mean to me in person, but at least now we can share this message together. Thank you for being such an important part of my life, and I hope that we can continue to grow old together in good health and happiness.
  22. I never thought I would find someone like you. You’re everything that I ever wanted in a partner, lover, spouse — and more! You’re beautiful inside and out, and I can’t imagine ever losing faith in our relationship again after all we’ve been through together! I love you so much!
  23. I love you because you make me a better person. You challenge me to be the best version of myself, and I love that about you.
  24. I love that you never let me settle for anything less than what I deserve. You have taught me to always fight for what is right and to never give up on my dreams.
  25. I love that when you look at me, it feels like we are the only two people in the world. It makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in existence when you look at me like that.
  26. I love that you are always willing to help anyone who needs it, even if it means sacrificing your own time and energy for someone else’s benefit. And I hope that someday I can be half as selfless as you are with your time and effort for others.
  27. There is no better feeling than being in love with someone. The butterflies in your stomach and the rush of blood running through your veins whenever you are around that special person.
  28. And when it comes to falling out of love, it’s a whole different story. You know that feeling when you are sitting on a rollercoaster, waiting for it to fall down. You don’t want it to happen but there is nothing you can do about it. The same thing happens when you fall out of love with someone. You know that feeling when your heart starts beating faster because they are nearby and when they leave, everything stops working.
  29. So what should you do if you still love someone after breaking up? Well, there are many ways for expressing your feelings and we have gathered some of them for you! Read more and find out how to express your true feelings!
  30. When you’re in love with someone, there’s no way to express how you feel without saying it. And sometimes, words are not enough.
  31. So if you’re still in love with your ex and want to show them how much they mean to you, here are some amazing messages that will make them swoon.
  32. I love you. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here for you.
  33. You are my wish, my love and my hope. I pray to God that He keeps us together forever and never lets us go because this is the paradise for me.
  34. You are the one who has always been there for me and I promise to be there for you as well until the end of time.
  35. I would like to spend the rest of my life with you because I am still in love with you and it’s been years since we met but even after all these years, my feelings for you haven’t changed one bit.
  36. I still love you, my love. I love the way you smell, the way you look and the way you feel in my arms. I love being with you and I want to spend every day of my life with you.
  37.  I still love you, sweetheart. You’re always on my mind and in my heart. I hope that one day soon we will be together again so I can show you just how much I love you.
  38. I still love you more than words can express, darling! The only thing that comes close is how much I miss your kisses and how much I miss having your arms around me at night when we go to sleep together at night.
  39. I miss our nights together so much! Every night before I go to sleep, all I do is think about how wonderful it used to be when we were together every single night and how much happier we both are now that we are back together again as a couple once again!
  40. “You make me happy, you make me smile. You’re the one I love and I don’t want to lose. You’re my best friend and my lover, so please be sure that we’ll never part. I’ve been thinking about you all day, I can’t wait to see your face again. My love for you grows stronger every day, from now until the end of time.”
  41. “It’s hard to believe that you will be with me always, but I’m glad that God chose me to be with you because he knows that we complete each other in ways no one else can understand. I love you in so many ways that it would be impossible for me to list them all here. But know this: no matter what happens in life or where we go or what happens between us or who comes between us…you will always be the one person who means everything in my life.”
  42. “I’m not going anywhere without you by my side; together we are a force to be reckoned with! You are the most beautiful woman in the world and having you by my side makes every day worth living because it’s just another day closer to being able to hold you again.”
  43. You gave me the best moments of my life, and we will never forget them.
  44.  You are my favorite person in the world and I can’t imagine my life without you.
  45.  Your love has always been a part of me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  46. I don’t know how to live without you by my side, so please forgive me for all that I have done wrong in our relationship.
  47.  I know you are still hurting from what happened between us but please don’t give up on our relationship because I am still here for you no matter what happens in the future between us!

I Still Love You Messages and Quotes

  1. I would travel any distance for you because of how much I love you. Our romantic voyage continued. Nothing can separate us; it is merely taking a different turn.
  2. I never stopped loving you, and I can never stop thinking that our relationship is ended. You are the foundation of who I am. Let me love you as you deserve to be loved.
  3. I miss hearing your voice, hearing you grin, and seeing your endearing face. I miss everything about you, baby, and I wish we had never made the choice we did. I still desire you.
  4. Although I am aware that you care less about my aspirations in life, to me, you are everything. I want you to know that I truly love you and that I only find significance in life when you are here for me.
  5. Even if the day will give way to darkness, I will always love you. I won’t ever stop developing. Even if you think our relationship is finished, I want you to know that I still have feelings for you. It still exists and provides for you on a daily basis.
  6. If you are not my girl, there is nothing in life. Nothing I want to do besides be with you as life loses all meaning. You make my world spin for as long as I am here on earth.
  7. Even though I’m in pain, my heart is right now filled with the lovely memories of the past that we once enjoyed. Please give us another chance to complete this. I long for our reunion and I miss you.
  8. I’m grateful for the enjoyable times we shared. I now perceive life differently as a result of them. They were wonderful times that I will always remember. Baby, I still adore you. I exert all of my body’s energy into what I do.
  9. All I wanted was a happy life, and I wish you could look back on everything we have gone through together and understand that. I hope that you will be able to discern from my behavior that I truly did love you during the seconds that made up the days we spent together. I still love you, and I wish you could sense it in your heart.
  10. Other than the ones I shared with you, there is nothing else like them. The tears I shed when you said goodbye were the most agonizing ones I’ve ever experienced. You mean the world to me, yet you can’t see past my eyes to know that my heart beats for you every single day. (I adore her even now)
  11. No other person, in my heart, completes me as you do. I want you to stand by my side forever and I need you right here with me. I’ll always love you (name).
  12. I keep finding myself falling in love with you. I’m certain that I don’t want to live the rest of my life without you. Every day and any moment, you’re the ideal match for me.
  13. If I can’t pick up the phone and hear your adorable voice, getting out of bed every morning is no longer rational. I wish we were here together because I miss you more than anything in my body.
  14. Every day serves as a reminder of how badly I chose to let you go. I can’t take back the things I said or did, but I can assure you that my love for you hasn’t changed.
  15. Love is lovely, and it’s difficult to let go of the lovely memories we’ve amassed. Hey, I adore you as much as I always have and will continue to do so forever.
  16. In spite of our breakup, I still adore you. Even if we have moved on, I still need you. Despite the fact that it has been a while since our last encounter, I still miss you.
  17. You don’t feel the same way anymore, and I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but I still love you, deep down. I’d like to take your hand once again. I will do whatever I can to be with you. Even if I might not be able to mend our relationship, let me at least assure you that I still love you and always will.
  18. Still, I adore you. No matter what you’ve done or how much it has wounded me, I know that somewhere deep inside you are decent and pure, and no matter how much time passes between us, that part of you will always be there.
  19. We have experienced a lot together, but I still adore you. And I hope that one day you’ll be able to tell me the same thing. I don’t know what went wrong, but I’ll always cherish the days we had together.
  20. I have an everlasting, unbreakable, and evergreen love for you. I have a unique spot in my heart where I save all of my memories of the two of us. It’s like an album that has been gathering dust over the years, but every time I look at it, I smile because it brings back happy memories of our earlier years and the fun we used to have. Until the day this life comes to an end, I shall always love you.
  21. Hello, [name] I can still clearly recall our first meeting. I couldn’t help but fall in love with you because you were so adorable and gorgeous. I will never forget that amazing first moment we shared, no matter how much time goes by. My love for you is as strong as ever, despite the distance between us. My heart yearns to be with you once more, and I eagerly anticipate the day when we are reunited.
  22. Still, I adore you. Despite the ups and downs we’ve experienced, there is no one I’d rather be with than you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I’m excited about what lies ahead.
  23. I’m very sorry that our relationship didn’t work out. Although I wish it had, it didn’t. That’s okay, though, since just because we aren’t together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t still care about or love you. I always will and I do.
  24. Hello [name] Even though I am aware that I cannot bring you happiness, I still love you. Although you are no longer mine, I still love you. You should be aware that even if you didn’t reciprocate my love, our relationship taught me a lot, so it wasn’t a waste of time.
  25. I know it’s difficult for you, but it’s even worse for me since I miss you so much. Only you have ever caused me to experience this. No matter how much time goes by, I will always love you.

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