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100 Best Spiritual Good Night Prayers

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Best Spiritual Good Night Prayers For Loved Ones

The night is a very special time when we can feel closer to God; thus, we have prepared a collection of spiritual goodnight messages. These 100 Best Spiritual Good Night Prayers are just perfect for sending to your loved ones at night.

Best Spiritual Good Night Prayers For Loved Ones

Here are a few spiritual good night messages to send to your friends and family.

  1. May your dreams be sweet, and may you sleep peacefully through the night.
  2. May you wake up tomorrow with a smile and may God bless you with love, peace, joy, and happiness in your life forever. Good night my dear friend!
  3. Let your worries melt away as you sleep tonight. I hope you will have sweet dreams of what tomorrow holds for you. Good night!
  4. As the moonlight shines upon your room, may it guide you through the darkest hours of the night and protect you from all harm in this world. Good night my angel!
  5. The sun is setting behind the mountains now, and our day is coming to an end but don’t worry because I’m here for you until the dawn breaks again. Goodnight beautiful!
  6. As the day ends, and the night begins, I find myself missing you and wishing you were here in my arms. So I wish you a good night, with many sweet dreams of you.
  7. One day I will be mine, one day you will be mine, but now good night, darling. Have a great sleep and do not let the bedbugs bite! Good night!
  8. I wish that God would give me enough strength to bear your absence each day until we meet again tomorrow. Good night!
  9. A day is going to end again. I am going to sleep again… All because of you my love…! Without you, it’s so hard to live! Good Night!
  10. Each day that passes is another day closer to our next meeting. Can’t wait to see you again soon my love! Good Night!
  11. The moon is a friend. It shines on you, and it shines on me. The full moon brings good dreams and peace. The moon is the brightest when the sun goes down. I hope your night is as bright as this moon.
  12. Good night my friend! May God give you a peaceful sleep and rejuvenate your soul for a new day tomorrow!
  13. When I look outside my window, I see a big, beautiful moon smiling at me which means it’s time to say Good Night! Have a restful sleep.
  14. The stars may fall, but they will always rise again. May God bless you with his warmth and love.
  15. Don’t worry if the day was bad; tomorrow is another day to improve it. Sweet dreams!

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Spiritual Good Night Quotes For Loved Ones

  1. Life is a maze, find your way through it and reach the morning light! Good night my friend!
  2. The darkest night will always end with a bright new day ahead of us! Sleep tight, my friend!
  3.  The night is the best time to think about all the things we did wrong during the day so that we can correct them tomorrow morning when we wake up fresh and renewed! Good night sweetheart; sleep well!
  4. Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams. May you have a wonderful dream tonight. May angels protect you until the morning light. Good Night!
  5. I wish that my dream comes true, and I am with you in my dream tonight. Good Night! Good night, sweet dreams and sleep tight! I hope tomorrow will be bright and sunny! Have a lovely day!
  6. The moon is angry at me because I would rather spend my time wishing you good night than admiring it with him. Good Night!
  7. There is only one remedy to fight against the problems of life and that is to take a deep breath, relax, smile, and say goodnight. Good Night!
  8. I am sending you this note to wish you a good night. May you have sweet dreams and wake up in the morning with a smile. Good night!
  9. Good Night, Sleep Tight. Have a Wonderful Dream. Sweet Dreams and Good Night!
  10. I hope your day was as nice as you are. I wish we could be together forever but since that’s not possible, I’ll be content with wishing you a lovely night of restful sleep filled with beautiful dreams. Good night!
  11. If it was dark enough, the stars would come out to play with us. If it was dark enough, we would see the moon smiling at us through the clouds. If it was dark enough, we could turn off our phones and computers and just look at each other and talk until we fell asleep in each other’s arms because we were so tired from being awake all day thinking about each other not being together but knowing that there is still tomorrow when we can hold each other again… And if it was dark enough… maybe we could see each other clearly enough to know that this isn’t just an infatuation or an obsession or even love… maybe it
  12. Good night. Sweetest dreams. May tomorrow be as bright as you are.
  13. The stars and moon arrive just to wish you a good night. Let the light of the moon guide your dreams as you pass the night away.
  14. May this beautiful message remind you that someone is thinking of you before bed. Goodnight!
  15. As we lay down our heads to rest, we hope this prayer will bring you happiness, joy, peace and love. Good Night my dear friend!
  16. Good night, my friend. May you sleep well and wake up refreshed for another beautiful day.
  17. May your dreams be sweet and filled with a lot of joy, love and laughter. Good night!
  18. I hope that you will have a wonderful sleep tonight and that all your dreams will come true. Good night!
  19. I wish you a beautiful night full of sweet dreams. I hope to see you again in my dreams tonight. Good night!

Spiritual Good Night Text Messages For Loved Ones

  1. May all the angels guard you while you rest and your mind is at peace. Good night!
  2. Sweetest dreams my love, may they bring you everything you wish for and more…
  3. May the Lord protect us from all evil and harm. The angels will take care of us tonight… Good Night my dear friend!
  4. May God’s peace be your companion and may you wake up to the beauty of another day.”
  5. You are a blessing to all who know you, and you have been an inspiration to me. May you have a peaceful and restful night.”
  6. When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, I wish I could be there to hold you tight. So sleep well my love, until morning comes around.”
  7. I pray that God will send angels to watch over you tonight as you sleep, so that they can bring me new dreams of us together in our beautiful home.”
  8.  Hope your dreams are filled with love, happiness, and success because that’s what I want for you always. The angels will guide your way tonight.”
  9. May God protect and bless you throughout the night. May He grant His angels special care over my dearest friend as he/she sleeps peacefully tonight.
  10. Goodnight, my angel, I love you so much! May God bless you with sweet dreams.”
  11. As I lie on my bed and gaze at the stars above, I send you my warmest wishes and sweetest dreams for tomorrow. Goodnight.”
  12. Every time a star falls from the sky, make a wish and think of me because every star fell for a reason that only you and I know. Goodnight my love!”
  13. he sun has gone down and the moon has come up so it’s time for me to say goodnight to the one person in my life who means everything to me. Sweet dreams baby!”
  14. Good night and sweet dreams! I hope this message finds you as happy as you are beautiful. May the light from above illuminate your heart and soul as you sleep tonight. I pray that angels watch over you tonight and always. Goodnight!
  15. May you sleep peacefully, may your dreams be pleasant, may you wake up refreshed.”
  16. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes… so that you could realize how special you are to me… Good Night!”
  17. The sun is upset today because he has lost his friend the moon. So send him a sweet goodnight wish while he’s still awake… Good Night!”
  18. All these thoughts just keep running through my head as I lie in bed looking up at the dark ceiling.. They say that tomorrow is another day but what happens when tomorrow never comes? What if it just disappears into thin air like tears in rain… I need moonlight tonight so make sure
  19. “The stars are out, the moon is up, and all is right with the world. Good night. May your dreams be sweet and may tomorrow bring you sunshine. As you go to bed tonight, I pray that God will put His loving arms around you and give you a peaceful and restful sleep.”
  20. “Sleep well, my friend. May tomorrow be brighter than today. Sweetest dreams are made of memories past and hopes for dreams yet to come. Sweetest dreams of you. Goodnight!”
  21. “May all the angels watch over you while you sleep.. And may all your dreams come true… Good night!”
  22. Before going to bed every night, I wish for God to protect me during my sleep so that I can wake up healthy and fresh again in the morning.”
  23. I wish you a sweet and peaceful sleep, and may tomorrow bring you much happiness. Good Night!
  24. I wish every day was as beautiful as today. Sweet Dreams!
  25. It’s time to go to bed now and take some rest, I hope that you have a sweet and lovely dream tonight! Good night my friend!
  26. ver you, the stars illuminate your dreams, and the breeze blow away all your worries. Good night!
  27. When you go to bed tonight, lower the flame on your lamp by letting go of anger, hatred, jealousy and bitterness. Let the light of love burn ever brighter within you. Good night!
  28. May this message bring a soothing calmness to your mind, body and soul as you rest from a busy day. Have a good night’s sleep!
  29. I wish that God gives u A peaceful sleep, Sweet dreams & A wonderful tomorrow…! Good Night!
  30. As you lay down to rest and leave this world behind to enter another full of dreams and hopes for tomorrow, know that there is at least one person who will be thinking of u until they themselves close their eyes and fall into an awaiting dreamland… me. Have a wonderful night!
  31. Good night my dearest. I am sending my love and prayers to keep you safe and sound tonight. May the angels hold you tight as you sleep and may all your dreams come true!
  32. Sweet dreams my love, I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile in the morning.
  33. May God bless your soul with peace, joy and happiness throughout the coming days ahead. Have a good night and sweet dreams!
  34. Good night my love. As the sun sets, the moon rises and a new day begins, may your dreams be filled with all the happiness this world can offer. Sweet dreams.
  35. Sweetest dreams to you, my love! I’ve been looking at the stars tonight and I thought of you. They’re shining so bright because they know that you’re thinking about them. Goodnight my sweetheart!
  36. May angels surround you and protect you all through the night until the morning light shines down upon you. Good night!
  37. Every day ends with a sunset and every life ends with death, but if we start to miss someone who we love then it means that our heart still longs for them. That’s how I feel about you my dear friend . . . good night!
  38. The moon is smiling down on us from her beautiful place in the sky just because she knows how much we are missing each other right now … good night and sleep tight my darling . . . sweet dreams!
  39. “The best way to succeed is to be in the company of someone who has already done it.”
  40.  The sun is setting, the moon is rising, I am going to sleep now, my dear friend. I hope you too get some rest and have a sound sleep filled with sweet dreams.”
  41. I pray that God blesses you with all the happiness in this world, and all the love in your heart. May you have a blessed night!”
  42. May the Lord protect you from all evils and give you a peaceful sleep.”
  43. May God fill your dreams with peace and joy.”
  44. May angels guide you through the darkest hours; may peace be with you until morning.”
  45. As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Good Night!”
  46. “Sleep tight! I love you. You are my dream catcher, I will catch all my dreams in your love.”
  47. “Don’t count what u have lost…just see what u have now…its always better than before…good night…”
  48. The night is long but the day will be longer if it does not have a good beginning, which is why I want you to have an amazing start by sending you my good night wishes.
  49. Good night my love. May angels protect you through the night and may God bless you with sweet dreams.
  50. I don’t need anything from this world to be happy because all I need is your sweet voice telling me how much I mean to you. Sleep tight!
  51. Good night, sleep well, and have sweet dreams.
  52. Goodnight, my love! Sleep tight, my love. Pray for me. I love you!
  53. I wish you a good night’s rest and pleasant dreams. Sleep tight, my love!
  54. All the angels are waiting to welcome you into heaven. Good night my love!
  55. The stars are shining so bright for you tonight because they want to wish you sweet dreams. Have a good night’s rest and sweet dreams my love.
  56. I would like to wish you a good night.
  57. May God touch your heart with His blessings and may He give you a peaceful sleep.
  58. The moon is smiling on you as she knows that soon she will be full of your sweet dreams. Good night!
  59. I want to wish you a very good night, even though I know that the sky is not blue and the sun is not yellow. But I want to make sure that you’ll have sweet dreams when you dream about me, so have a goodnight!
  60. As the day turns into night, I pray for you to have a great sleep. May all your worries be gone, and may all your dreams come true as you sleep tonight. Good Night!

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